The Index Part

You will find the following occlusal indices in ESAS:
   - PAR
   - ICON
   - IOTN
   - ABO-OGS (not yet implemented)

If you are familiar with one of them, please use it as a part of your case entry in ESAS. If you are not familiar with the use of indices, we recommend that you use ICON. You will find information about all the indices by using the links displayed on this page. If you do not want to use an index, you can limit evaluating your treatment results to the ESAS Treatment Outcome part.

You only have to enter numbers into the index of your choice, ESAS then will calculate the overall score for you indicating the quality of your treatment results according to the index. In the ESAS Statistics Part you can also compare your results with those of other orthodontists. You will also receive valuable information about your treatment results by using the ESAS Treatment Outcome Part in addition to the index.

When you obtain the information about the quality of your treatment results, remember that end results can only be improved by improving the process leading to the results. By using the ESAS Treatment Process Part you can review your process and your clinical routines, and use this as a starting point for continuous improvement. provement.

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These articles can be published on this website thanks to the permission of the publishers of the British Journal of Orthodontics and the European Journal of Orthodontics.