ESAS - Register as ESAS user

Members of a society/association which is a member of EFOSA can become users of ESAS. To apply for becoming ESAS user, choose the ‘Register’ link. The national societies/associations present to ESAS annually a list of their members and email addresses. When applying for ESAS user, ESAS will check whether the name and email address of the applicant is known to ESAS. If so, a (temporary) password will be sent out immediately. If not, this information will also be sent out by email. In this case the national society/association should be asked by the applicant to update their data with ESAS before trying again. The temporary registration password must be changed when you log in the first time. If not changed the first time when you log in, you will be kept asking after each login until this is done.

If you are registered as a user on ESAS, and you have changed your email address since last login, you can login with your old email address as login id, and after login go to the User Configuration menu and change your active email/login id for ESAS. Then next time, you can login with your new email address as login id.

Also orthodontic post-graduate students can become users of ESAS (in a separate and independent data base). To apply for becoming ESAS user the head of the orthodontic department competent for their training should support their application for registration by email to The application should contain full name and email address of the postgraduate student. The post-grad registration is for 1 year and can be renewed a maximum of 3 times.