The Treatment Outcome Part (TO)

TO is a questionnaire that consists of two parts: The first refers to you and your professional status, and the second part refers to the treatment outcome for the individual patient you are entering.

ESAS offers quality development through statistical comparisons of your treatment results and the results of different groups of orthodontists. The first group of TO-questions is necessary in order to build up a database in ESAS where the orthodontists are registered in a way that will make it possible to establish useful groups. The basis for this will be your answers to the first group of TO-questions.

Your treatment outcome (TO) will be calculated form the scores of the cases you are entering by answering the second group of TO-questions. Your TO-score can then be compared with the scores of other orthodontist in the ESAS Statistics Part.

Remember the information regarding treatment outcome, provides imformation to improve the treatment process and the patient experience. By using the ESAS Treatment Process Part you can evaluate your clinical routines, and use this as a starting point for continuous improvement.