The Treatment Process Part (TP)

If you want to improve your treatment results, this can be done by improving the process.

In the ESAS Treatment Process Part (TP) the orthodontic process is defined in five phases:

    1. Initial Assessment
    2. Diagnosis
    3. Treatment planning
    4. Active treatment
    5. Retention

When you have answered the questionnaires linked to each of the phases, ESAS will give you a score for each phase and for the whole TP. In the ESAS Statistics Part you can then compare your scores with the scores of different groups of orthodontists who have loaded cases in the TP. By comparing your TP-score with the TP-scores of those colleagues with the best treatment results (measured by ESAS Index Part and/or ESAS Treatment Outcome Part), you will get insight in differences between your TP-routines and theirs, thus giving you the chance to “learn from best practice”.

The different groups in the ESAS Statistics Part are based on the information given by the individual orthodontist entering the ESAS Treatment Outcome Part.